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SEO Simplified for Bloggers

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Here’s everything you can expect to Learn from this E-Book…

Part 1: The basics

– What to focus on + What to ignore

– Google Search Console

– How Search engine works

– The pillars of SEO

– Anatomy of your SEO strategy

Part 2: Keywords

– What are keywords?

– Keyword research using free tools

– Keyword research using paid tools

Part 3: On-page SEO

– Page relevance

– Website crawlability

– User engagement

Part 4: Off-page SEO

– Backlinks (Basics)

– Backlinks (Advanced)

– Content marketing

– Social media & SEO

Part 5: Final steps

– Judging your progress

– Google penalties & how to avoid them

Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time regurgitating old blog posts with outdated information. Instead, this E-Book shares proven + latest methods you’ll only find inside the E-Book!!!

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You'll get: "SEO Simplified for Bloggers" EBook + On-page SEO Checklist + Access to a Private Facebook Group


SEO Simplified for Bloggers

0 ratings
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